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I’m excited to welcome Masa Suzuki to the Unlimited Team! Masa is the first outside member of the Unlimited Project and is an avid dancer as well as phenomenal in parkour.

I met Masa in the start of 2011 at Westmont College in acting class. Neither one of us had much experience. Let me take that back–we both had absolutely no experience. Early on we both got paired up several times for different acting assignments, and while our performances may not be winning awards any time soon, we definitely entertained the class and made them laugh (and no, our performance was not a comedy).

During this time, I also got to see Masa do some of his dancing and parkour, and he flat out blew my mind. He is absolutely sensational. Watching some of his videos on YouTube (watch them here) reminded me of the first chase scene in Casino Royale. Crazy.

Earlier this year I wanted to start sponsoring athletes, musicians, writers, artists, or anyone else who is going out and pursuing a passion. I wanted to start an Unlimited Team, a group of people who are doing what they love. Masa immediately came to mind, and I am glad that we are getting the opportunity to work together.

Check out more on Masa and future Unlimited Team members here.

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